6th Workshop on Dependability at Izmir Institute of Technology   

Call For Abstracts

Dependability 2020 aims to bring together computer researchers and engineers to discuss and exchange theoretical and experimental results, novel designs, works-in-progress, experiences, and case studies in the areas of dependability, resilience and/or autonomics in computing systems.

Topics of particular interests include the following areas, but are not limited to:
  • Dependability Models and Evaluation Algorithms
  • Software Engineering for Dependable Systems
  • Hardware and Software Reliability, Verification and Testing
  • Self-improvement in Dependable Systems
  • Self-healing, Self-protection and Fault-tolerant Systems
  • Dependable Automatic Control Techniques and Systems
  • Dependable Sensors, Devices, Embedded Systems
  • Dependability and Autonomic Issues in Ubiquitous Computing
  • Dependability and Autonomic Issues in Cyber-Physical System
  • Dependability and Autonomic Issues in Big Data
  • Dependability and Resilience of Computing Systems
  • Dependability and Resilience for Critical Infrastructures
  • Dependability and Resilience for Smart Grids
  • Dependability and Resilience for the Internet of Things
  • Dependability and Resilience for Special Applications
  • Dependability and Resilience in Open Source Software

Workshop Date and Place

November 6th, 2020 @ The Dept. of Computer Engineering (ONLINE due to the outbreak)

The workshop is free-of-charge. Registration is obligatory.